Your Tribe

Join our Tribe of Passionate People

We are a community of empowered passionate people who are making a difference and are creating a better world. 

We are Nine Soul Tribes of likeminded empowered passionate people.

We help create a new culture on this planet.

We help liberate each other’s creative genius.

We encourage each other to follow our hearts passion and once liberated and feel we will maybe write, paint, compose music, design fashion, create a new style of company and foster new values.

We encourage each other’s creative juices to flow.

We help each other to unblock that which is obstructing our flow and build you confidence in your own creative abilities.

We energetically empower each other to live the life of our dreams.

We provide a loving service to support the spiritual evolution of humanity.

We ruffle feathers and rock boats.

We help all Live their legacy.

We dare to dream of a healthier happier world based more on love over fear.

Our world is a world of love, possibility, individuality, and freedom.

We are obedient only to our soul purpose and passion and individual values.

We are brave souls who want to heal the world by shaking things up, by daring to be unique and celebrating what makes us different.

We live a life that is authentic and sacred.

We inspire change which is about creating beauty and passion and sharing it with others.

Being a member of the passionate people tribe allows our hearts to rebel against that which would dull it and gives us permission to shine with truth instead.

When you have the heart of an empowered passionate person your life is a work of art in progress. You are both the artist and the art you are creating and being created daily.

Start living by your hearts design to develop your unique talents and creativity join us.

Creativity is what happens when we do not follow the rules but allow the novel, the intriguing, the exiting and the vibrant to emerge within us.

Being an empowered passionate person – life has more colour and possibility.

We passionate people must unlearn social conditioning and tap into our wild divinity and natural creative potency.

We passionate peoples help each other have confidence and trust in ourselves, so we choose to be the most creative, authentic, original, expression of all that you are and all that you are becoming.

We passionate people help each other to lovingly rebel against the voices of fear, criticism, control, doubt and instead help you lovingly live according to your own values and inspire other to do the same.

We help each other find that rebellious voice in our heart and give it expression.

We allow ourselves to be ourselves creatively which gives us confidence to find our own vision., our own voice.


We help each other find our vision & find our Voice.


Our life path is a rebellion against conventions that dull our spirits.

We choose to live by their own truths.


Our tribe of Passionate people, our Community,

What we do: –

  • We share knowledge
  • We share Tools, Best Life Tools for home and business
  • We share contacts and referrals
  • We share our tips of how to live our legacies
  • We share our Top tips on Healthy Happy Abundant living
  • We share ideas on how to embody Happiness within
  • We make all feel welcome and belong
  • Our community has a family feel
  • We are creating a Natural Living Handbook
  • We are publishing inspirational articles and blogs on Vibe Lifestyle where you can start to understand who you are and be able to walk your talk
  • We mentor and support each other
  • We will create gatherings – to share in safe environment
  • Align people with likeminded souls
  • Community web will promote what we do.


Our Role as Members of the Tribe of Passionate People will be:

  • Live, work and abide by the code of conduct of the Tribe of Passionate People
  • Contribute positive energy
  • Mentor other members
  • Support other members
  • Nurture and encourage with each other.
  • Live our values
  • Hug
  • Walk our Talk – be the change we want to see in the world (thanks Ghandi)


Our Passionate people Tribe – Community Values

  • Benefit Others
  • Service Focused
  • Pay it Forward
  • Harmony
  • Unity
  • Balance
  • Soulful Companionship between members and groups
  • Happiness
  • Effecting Change through Conscious Behaviour.


Community of Passionate peoples who will create a Happy Communities evoking – Joy de vivre pour tout le monde. Joy of life for all the world 

Create a Better world

Better World

More Connected

More Loving

More Family Oriented

More Natural

More Ecological


More Resourceful

More Ethical

More Peaceful


More Social Harmony

More Benevolence


Less Disconnect

Less Fear

Less Family Break Ups

Less Toxic

Less Destruction

Less Processed

Less Waste

Less Greed

Less Conflict

Less Arguments

Less Competitiveness (Less War)

Less Craving

World Soul Tribe Day

Passionate people host a gathering on World Soul Tribe Day a true Celebration for all to discover their soul tribe.

Everyone can find their Soul Tribes and also the soul tribes of their kids on a free resource for parents and grandparents to find their soul tribe or their kiddies Bear tribes… this will be such fun.

Bringing Happiness to the world will be the focus of World Soul Tribe Day on 4th Feb a global focus on finding friends and kindred spirits by discovering their soul tribe. Introduce & Celebrate the 9 grown up soul tribes Explorer, Carer, Activist, Pioneer, Connector, leader, Creator, Teacher, illuminator.
Also Celebrate the soul tribes of our children and grand children

  1. Adventurous Bear Tribe of Polar Bears
  2. Cuddly Bear Tribe of Koala Bears
  3. Wild Bear Tribe of Brown Bears
  4. Visionary Bear Tribe of Black Bears
  5. Friendly Bear Tribe of Sloth Bears
  6. Brave Bear Tribe of Moon Bears
  7. Happy Bear Tribe of Panda Bears
  8. Wise Bear Tribe of Spectacle Bears
  9. Sunny Bear Tribe of Sun Bears


20th March – World Happiness Day
21st September World Peace Day

To mention just a few – to start us on our journey