Women's Circles

Real Authentic Women

A monthly support group for women who want to unleash their inner roar. We focus on the most important person in the World – YOU!

WHY? We believe that change begins within. We help bring inner balance to women and enrich their inner lioness – help women unleash their inner roar.

HOW? Women’s Circles are the catalyst of positive change which help women Discover, Connect and Transform their life.

Discover: discover your true authentic self.

Connect: focus on learning together with other women – co-creating, collaborating, supporting and caring for each other. Together setting best practice in living, loving and leadership. Join our  community to connect with like-minded women.

Transform: meet like-minded women, share experiences. Truly connect and discover the real you at a deep level. Women’s Circles can be life transforming

We look forward to welcoming you to our women’s support group – the Women’s Circle. Check out what else is happening at Blissland.

Our Tribe Circles are “safe spaces” where conversations flourish and nourish the soul. Permission is given to speak your authentic truth without criticism or judgment from anyone.

You will only receive heartfelt acceptance and support from members.