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“Absolutely recommend the workshop to anyone who feels they want to move forward in life from those things that have held them back.”


“A really fulfilling day. I feel such gratitude for being part of an experience that I wasn’t aware off”


“Exceeded my expectations. I’ve come away feeling much more courageous about moving forward in my life, and letting go of some old fears and trusting things will work out for me.”


“I’m going away with a really clear picture. I know that if I let go and just trust.”


“Really enlightened and enriched the way I see things now. It’s been very ‘ME centred’ but shared with a fantastic group of people. Very much a radiant experience”


“Really empowering. Dawn and Lionel are wonderful hosts and leaders. More than I expected and I’m taking so much away. I’m very grateful”

More Positive Vibes

Thank you so much for three blissful days in Blissland. Heartfelt gratitude to Dawn and Lionel for what you are creating.

I am feeling so blessed to have been part of the YIN Crowd conception – YES! Words cannot describe how I’m feeling from Christine McGrory’s wonderful two-day Transformational Key Workshop. It was truly magical and I know that between us all there has been alchemy. “


“ Dearest Dawn and Lion Man, Thank you so much for preparing, opening and sharing this beautiful sacred space.

It provides the perfect setting for deep, profound, sacred healing work on every level, personal, family, community and universal. We are so blessed to bring the divine feminine and the grandmothers to open hearts and expand souls into the new loving, cosmic one with all. Deepest Blessing and all-encompassing. “


“ Blissland is exactly what’s needed for the populace to help ignite the light and grow with the flow of love. A true heart space with all the elements and all good stuff. Lots of love and fun. Thank you — Thank you — Thank you. Will definitely see you again. “


“ I’ve had the most lovely relaxing energising and interesting day here in Blissland. Such welcoming people and such a beautiful comfortable surroundings. Thank you so much, Dawn and Lionel, for being so accommodating.

Today has been particularly special as my mum has been able to bring her book and talk about it publicly for the first time after it was published last week. Also, I have met the wonderful Annie Rose who I had a very special reading with I really enjoyed the laughter yoga with Wes. And also, connection with Andy the Wild Food Café has been wonderful he gave such a good speech on raw food and the importance of water.

I feel so proud of Dhyan (Amelia) my big sister, for creating Utopia, they are special important events and I am so grateful to be a part of her creation and to come up here and share these special times. Much love and gratitude. “

Laura Campbell

“ What a wonderful day Prajna Ginty has given us, and within beautiful surroundings. It has been an important and beautiful day for me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful space of awakening. I have found it wonderful. “


“ Space Clearing course weekend was special, and a unique and magical experience. Just being at Blissland opens the heart and the mind and that’s why it intensifies any learning people come to do here. I give gratitude to being able to share, this space, to bring others here, to do work here, but most of all I am grateful to you both for your friendship, generosity and very special love. “


“ The one word coming to mind WOW. Arriving with my normal negative thoughts, ‘I don’t do courses’, ‘I don’t do new people’, ‘I don’t do strange environments’, ‘I don’t learn easily’, ‘I won’t learn anything’, and ‘I won’t understand’. NOW CROSS OUT ALL ABOVE NEGATIVE WORDS OUT. I’m now ‘I can change’, ‘I will do’ and ‘I have person’.

Add Frederique, pure clear method of your not wrong – but look a bit deeper – as long as it feels right. The course was very intense but done with such fun and laughter, course members were so friendly.

Olga and Frederique’s positivity, Dawn and Lionel’s hospitality, David and Lorraine opening of their home to Space Clearers with ‘L Plates’. My own part in the Fire Ritual (will keep you posted – part 1 complete) The house blessing a lovely end to the course so special.

Finally, I am only leaving with sadness because I know there will be happiness when I can return (you have been warned I would love to come back please). “


“ Gorgeous, peaceful place to run a workshop. I absolutely loved my day here in Blissland. Thank you for having me. We had a good and powerful group and went deep really quickly. With a huge dose of love until next time. All my love. “


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