Tribal Revolution

Once you have found your tribe, you can join our your tribe, tribe of kindred spirits.

Once you have found your tribe, you can join our your tribe, tribe of kindred spirits.

Why do you need to do this?

So let us gather in our tribes, let us collaborate and make it happen, we can do it.

  1. We dare to dream of a happier healthier world based more on love than fear.
  2. We provide a loving service to support the spiritual evolution of humanity
  3. Our world is a world of love possibility, individuality and freedom.
  4. We ruffle feathers and rock boats
  5. We are obedient only to our spiritual passion and individual values
  6. We are brave souls who want to heal the world by shaking things up, by daring to be different, unique and celebrating what make us different.
  7. We live lives that are authentic and sacred, creating beauty and passion and sharing it with others.
  8. Belonging to a tribe allows your heart to rebel against that which would dull it and gives you permission to shine with truth instead.
  9. We live by our hearts design and desire to develop our unique talents and creativity.
  10. When you have the heart of a passionate tribal member your life is a sacred art in progress. We are both the artist and the art we are creating and being created on a daily basis.
  11. We help to create a new culture on this planet
  12. We have to un learn social conditioning and tap in to our Free Spirit and natural creative potency.
  13. Creativity is what happens when we don’t follow the rules but allow the novel intriguing and exciting and the vibrant to emerge within us. Life has more colour and possibility.
  14. We energetically empower people to live the life of their dreams.
  15. We help all lovingly rebel against the voices of :

    – Fear
    – Criticism
    – Control
    – Doubt

And instead help all loving live according to their own values and inspire others to do the same.

Find that rebellious voice in your heart and give it expression.

Tribe members allow themselves to be themselves creatively which gives them confidence to find their own vision, their own voice.

Find your Vision: Find Your Voice.

Say the following and see how it feels … is it true for you?

I am creating ripples of social change

I am rebelling against conventions that dull my spirits

I choose to live by my own truth.