The Business Detox

Boost your bottom line, energize your profits, your cash and your people by doing a Business Detox.

Benefits of a Business Detox

  1. Increase your team satisfaction (my business increased by 25%)
  2. Decrease absenteeism (my business dropped 30%)
  3. Decrease staff turnover (my business dropped 50%)
  4. Increase Profits
  5. Increase level of customer satisfaction
  6. Increase sales
  7. Be Admired
  8. Feel Personally proud.

A Company’s greatest asset is the hearts and minds of their people. Your people must be healthy, happy and feel prosperous to really contribute to your success.
So, let us look at what you need to do to really make your business take off.

The First thing you need to do is free your mind and the minds of all your team of clutter. Clutter is stagnating energy … pulling you your team and your profits down down down.

So, identify the clutter – Where is it? What is it?

Is it Physical? Take a walk around your building, can you see it? How many filing cabinets do you have? Look at people’s desktops, in corners, on shelves, under desks, in draws in cupboards – where is your clutter?

Is it Digital? Look at your computer network, your web site, your databases, your account coding and systems etc.

Is it Emotional? Are your team happy? Do they love their job? When was the last time you did team happiness survey – did you get high team satisfaction %

Are you one of the Sunday Times best companies to work for? I ran a global manufacturing company for 30 years, but it did not truly succeed until we did a business detox. Three years later – sales doubled and profits were admirable.

Figures in £ millions

Year    Loss         1       2        3      4
Sales   £20      £25   £37   £45   £54
PBT    (£0.5 )     £1     £2     £4     £5

We achieved the above by following the procedure below. and wow it worked.

So how you ask? Well you first need to be strong and full of passion to achieve your goal.
So, ensure you are personally ready to lead your team to a new world – of sensational success.

Get yourself physically and mentally fit.

Mentally – I recommend enrolling on one of Anthony Robbins Courses E.g. Unleash the power within (3-day motivational injection) or invest in a personal coach to hold your hand through the process Your coach will give you clarity and passion. I used a great guy called John Woodruffe who then called himself a Process Improvement Practitioner.

Physically – a good personal detox would kick start you – I suggest you go to in Thailand – wow this will kick start your health and wellbeing. There are many detox centres in UK and in Europe now … Jason Vale has one in Portugal and Turkey … where you can do a one week healthy Juice Detox. I have also been on Amanda Hamilton detox retreat.

Retreats 2020

So, you are now ready, you feel amazing and are ready for action.

So, let’s get this detox started.


Business Detox Methodology.

 First Challenge and Clarify

Challenge your team and your customers – as they have the answers.
Ask questions like What is preventing higher Sales?
What is preventing profit growth?
I suggest you do a team happiness survey – which will expose problem areas which need detoxing.

Clarify – summarize all your findings and develop a clear plan to give clarity to your team of exactly what needs detoxifying. Work with and support your team to make it happen.


Secondly Detox Detox Detox

Detox – your Business Structure
Detox – your Brand
Detox – your product Range
Detox – your services
Detox – your IT network
Detox – your supply chain
Detox – your stock
Detox – your people


Business Detox


Use 5S Methodology

  • Strip – clear your clutter – if in doubt throw it out .
  • Sort – sort it – set a place for everything and everything in place.
  • Shine – Detox Detox Detox – Clean clean clean, freshen it.
  • Standardize methodology and educate team so it is habitual
  • Sustain – ensure all your team are on board to keep clutter free.


For more information on this visit the Kaizen Institute.

Wow it feels good once you have done a business detox and you will see excellent results.

The Benefits are:

9. Increase your team satisfaction (my business increased by 25%)
10. Decrease absenteeism (my business dropped 30%)
11. Decrease staff turnover (my business dropped 50%)
12. Increase Profits
13. Increase level of customer satisfaction
14. Increase sales
15. Be Admired
16. Feel Personally proud.
17. So, go and do a business detox and then gather all your team together and play Heather Small ‘Proud’. Dancing and Singing is mandatory.


Happy Detoxing

The Full Moon is a great time to start

Dr. Dawn Gibbins MBE
Champion of Change
Healthy Happy Hub Ltd