Team Happiness Survey

We’re looking to get a good understanding of the position of the business from the heart of the business itself, you our amazing team. This Happiness Survey is part of our greater Flow and Grow Campaign, continually working towards a Flow State within our team and offering.

The survey will be used to identify and act upon any potential points so we can continually work to improve our offering. The aim is to contribute towards ensuring a healthy happy and motivated team in order to produce positive benefits for the organisation and you, our very important people.

To help us create an open and honest culture, your comments and suggestions will be gratefully received with open arms.

If you do respond to certain questions with ‘disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’, it would be extremely useful if you could please provide some further information and suggest solutions for improvement.

If you respond with ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ and you would like to introduce new ideas, please use the comment boxes provided, any additional feedback will help to continually improve what we do.

Lastly, this form is confidential, and it is your choice to remain anonymous if you would prefer.

All we ask for is an honest and open approach to this survey, with details where appropriate to help us to continually work towards improvement and raising the level of Happiness within our team.

Thank you so much. We really do appreciate you

Policy and Strategy

We now have clear objectives with a strategy to achieve our objectives which fully supports the values and direction of the business and is shared with our people.