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The 9 Tribes

You Are Part Of The Explorer Tribe

The Adventurer

ADVENTUROUS – Sexy and Spiritual

Flexible, always fluid, always wants win/win situations, balanced, objective, clarity of vision, gifted speakers, hold people’s attention, original idea generators, easy going, laid back and relaxed.

You Are Part Of The Carer Tribe

The Carer - The People Person

CARING – Loving Nature

Careful, thoughtful, affectionate, team player, understanding, practical, focuses on continuously improving the self and others, sympathetic to others problems, good at developing and keeping useful business contacts. Mother to everyone.

You Are Part Of The Activist Tribe

Active - Revolutionary

Dynamic, active, highly driven, impatient to see quick results, high energy, constantly expresses opinion, direct, thunderous, career orientated, accurate and precise, black and white. Excellent memory, solutions orientated.

You Are Part Of The Pioneer Tribe

The Pioneer VISIONARY – Sewing seeds of change

ADVENTUROUS – Sexy and Spiritual

Warm, positive enthusiastic, constantly moving like the wind, has big ideas, sees the big picture, thinks globally, tenacious – constantly working towards goals, gentle and can shy from confrontation.

You Are Part Of The Connector Tribe

The Socialite BOLD – Powerful

CARING – Loving Nature

Powerful and bold, centre of attention, great change (Ying then Yang), wild then calm, forceful, excellent social skills, domineering and controlling.

You Are Part Of The Leader Tribe

ETHICAL - Eco Warrior

Wellbeing of the world in their hearts

Natural Ethical Leaders. Honest, open and trustworthy, respectful, wise, intuitive, perceptive, superb sense of timing, the controller, the leader, the father figure, speaks with authority, strong moral code with high expectations of others.

You Are Part Of The Creator Tribe

Fun lovers – The laughter makers

The entertainer, fun, charming, engaging, the host, the comedian, bringer of joy and happiness, needs happy environment, stylish and charismatic, youthful attitude to life, playful.

You Are Part Of The Teacher Tribe

The Peace maker
STRONG – Courageous

Strong solid rock, the mountain of knowledge, the story teller, dramatist, intelligent, clear headed, perceptive, doesn’t suffer fools.

You Are Part Of The Illuminator Tribe

INSPIRATIONAL – Here to illuminate the world.

Fiery, passionate, impulsive, enthusiastic, bright, expressive, recognition, fame, you can Illuminate the world with your passion.