Men's Circles

The Yang Gang

A monthly men’s support group that openly discusses problems and solutions to specific men’s dilemmas, as well as world events.

It’s a confidential gathering giving you the opportunity to:

– connect with other men

– be heard

– find the true nature of your needs and desires

– recognise your place in the world

– meet without any need for competition, ego or alcohol to get in the way of understanding ourselves and each other more fully

There’s no compulsion to do, be or say anything and we are not a religious gathering in any way. Sometimes we just need to take time for ourselves and chill out in the company of other men.

We’re happy to talk about any particular subject, give feedback and our own individual experiences, so if you have a burning question bring it along.

We may touch on any subject and the conversation is usually very varied and interesting.

We’re a very friendly bunch who appreciate what a tough role it can be just being a man.

This is a free event held in comfortable surroundings with an amazing view across the Cheshire countryside. Tea and coffee is freely available.

Come along with an open mind and a willingness to share your experiences, your understanding or your problems or just be in a place to listen and value the words of others. We hope you will join us and take time for yourself to realise the value of who you are.

Our Tribe Circles are “safe spaces” where conversations flourish and nourish the soul. Permission is given to speak your authentic truth without criticism or judgment from anyone. You will only receive heartfelt acceptance and support from members.