Love Wishes

Look at love from a new perspective.

How do you find real love and the relationship that inspires your soul?

What are you really seeking and who will be able to fulfil your heart’s desires?

Who can make the difference to your future that will change your outlook and happiness?

The questions we ask ourselves about love and attachment can often be clouded by judgment or events that in the long term can prove to be disastrous.

Our Love Wishes Events, Workshops and One to One sessions bring all questions and answers to the fore and enable methods of recording your ‘Love Wishes’.

When you understand what is potentially available for you, how to manifest your desires and the ways to ensure emotional freedom, physical health, and spiritual joy, you won’t return to the pain of previous partnerships.

Make decisions about your own life that develop the love you deserve.

Allow those who have hurt you to fade out of your life and bring in new people who have your happiness at heart. Where your heart freedom is concerned, the time for change is now.

You owe it to yourself to be happy, when you learn how to find real love, you’ll want to share it with everyone you know, and they’ll want to share everything with you.

Love Wishes Events

Our free to attend group events enable conversation in a beautiful informal friendly setting. Talk openly about your relationship problems or listen and learn from others.

Women’s, men’s, and couple’s circles bring untold value to all attendees.



Find out about the joy of love and how to attain it through making simple changes to your life.

Learn how to navigate through all the opportunities open to you and let this guided workshop educate, evaluate, and excite you to find true love.

Take home the comprehensive workbook with your own personal love understanding to refer back to whenever needed.


One to One Sessions

Reignite relationships or realise what needs to change to ensure your life is filled with love.

Don’t expect to change anyone else, however, singles and couples’ sessions are available to accept and develop the purpose, passion, and power of your dreams into your daily life.