Life Wishes

Take a new look at life and happiness.

What’s missing in your life and how do you find it or replace it?

You deserve to be happy and contented – how can you be the best version of you possible?
The success of life is dependent on the value you give to others – what do you want in return?
There are many questions around life and happiness that we fail to ask simply because we don’t realise that the answers could change our whole perspective on everything we do.
Our Life Wishes Events and Workshops bring all questions and answers to the fore and enable a method of understanding and recording how you can be healthier, wealthier, and happier in every area of your life.

– Prevent doubts about your personal preferences or misconstrued ideas.

– Remove emotional vulnerability and see your ultimate purpose rather than have any regrets through hindsight in years to come.

When you know how to consider your own personal happiness and the difference that can make to others as well as yourself, you will make decisions that are more beneficial and rewarding.

Your future depends upon the choices you make each day.

An understanding of your present situation in life, where you want to be and what you want to achieve can be mapped with a clear direction and plan to succeed.

Life Wishes Events

Chat in an informal friendly setting. Free to attend women’s, men’s and couples’ circles are hosted in Blissland to consider and discuss options available to you for finding fulfilment and success with your career, your family, and your health.

The best advice of many years of life development learning are streamed to allow you to understand your own purpose, passion, and power to succeed in everything you do and find true happiness.


Find out about what really creates the happiness you see and feel in those people you admire. This workshop is designed to educate, guide, and inspire you to make the choices that will help you find your true self, needs and desires.

During the workshop you will complete a workbook to take away with you that you can refer back to. Knowing where you’re going and where you want to be, will help you get there faster.