Last Wishes

How do you broach the subject of death with your parents?

How do you broach the subject of death with your parents?

How do you know what is the most eco-friendly way to care for your own remains?

How do you know what you want for yourself and that all members of the family will be happy with your funeral service?

There are so many questions around family death that usually only transpire after the event.

Our Last Wishes Tea Rooms and Workshops bring all questions and answers to the fore and enable a method of recording your ‘Last Wishes’.

Understand what is available for you to consider for your own personal end of life care.

Making decisions about your own last wishes and after care ahead of your passing, allows those who are grieving time to mourn without the anxiety of making difficult arrangements and decisions.

                                   It prevents any doubts about personal choices or misconstrued ideas at a time when family and friends are emotionally vulnerable.



Find out about the complexities surrounding end of life and how to navigate them in this simple guided workshop designed to inspire, educate, and empower you to make your Last Wishes.

During the workshop you will complete a workbook to take away with you. You may update the workbook if anything changes in the future and share the relevant sections with the people who need to know.

Last Wishes Tea Rooms

Chat in an informal, friendly setting. Consider and discuss options available to you ahead of your passing and after you have passed.

Our Last Wishes Tea Rooms are free to attend and held regularly in Congleton, Cheshire at Blissland and Wild & Wild café.