Business Vibe

Our Healthy Happy Business Vibe Survey focuses on what environment you want to create in your space, what emotional impact and activities you want to create in your property.Your business premises are an extension of yours and your team’s dreams. Please share your dreams, please complete this Business Vibe Pre-Survey Questionnaire

What happens on Healthy Happy Business Vibe Consultation?

We will arrive at your premises for a meeting and tour of the property. There is no need to make any special preparation.


There are 5 stages of our consultation:


Stage One – Review of Questionnaire & Plan

The first part of the session is a relaxed conversation about what is going on in your company and what you might want to change and make different.

We will use a sequence of questions to guide you to the areas that might be of concern for you.



Stage Two – Tour of Premises

Guided tour of your property, so we can understand what is happening in your environment. We usually ask questions about how you use or will use the spaces and perhaps the history of certain zones.

We are looking for patterns being played out in the environment that hold clues for you and will help you to move forward if certain changes or adjustments are made. This is all done in the context of the original discussion of what you said you wanted to change and make better in your company.

Stage Three – Review of Premises

We then need private time and be given access to the areas you want us to review and report on.

We would also like your permission to take photographs that we will included in your written report of our findings.

Stage Four – Review of Findings

We will need table and chairs in quiet space to review findings and prepare feedback for you.

Stage Five – Feedback

Finally, the last part is feedback, sit down discuss our observations and make recommendations for any changes that we think will be useful.

This is a collaborative process where recommendations made are in line with your company’s purpose, style, brand and decor. We will often guide you to finding your own solutions instead of dictating how anything should be done.

Our focus is always on empowering the occupants of a property to take control and understand why recommendations are being made and feeling like they can make their own adjustments in the future.