How to nurture your spirit

This is a big one, you need to think back to when you were a child, what did you love to do? So many times, as we grow, we disconnect from that childlike spirit inside us that wants to be nurtured.

This is a big one, you need to think back to when you were a child, what did you love to do? So many times, as we grow, we disconnect from that childlike spirit inside us that wants to be nurtured.

Write down your memories of any of the wonderful creative things you did as a child. Was it drawing, painting, making things, cooking with Mum, woodwork with Dad, walking in nature, going for wild swims, paddling in rivers, making sandcastles or burying each other in the sand, cycling, skipping, dancing, singing or sewing perhaps.

My Childhood memories:

Sit quietly and dream, put some calming instrumental music on, then sit and dream about your childhood. Really think about it and write down anything you remember about being creative. If writing is not your forte, then imagine a picture of you as a child.

As for me, Dawny: I grew up in the Cheshire countryside exploring in the woods, collecting bundles of wildflowers for my mum. Making dens in the forest, exploring bluebell woods, playing in the River Dane, floating down the river on giant blow up chairs with my friends. I loved making things. I remember making a go cart from my old pram and a rabbit run from old pallets, to allow my bunny to have fresh grass.

I was so lucky to have my own pony too, she was called Sindy Lu and I loved creating colourful jumping poles. I loved caring for her; getting up at 5am every morning before school and looking after her, she was my best friend. Being out in nature, just Sindy Lu and I, are some of my most precious memories.

My mum taught me to sew at an early age, so my other passion was making clothes, especially for my Sindy doll. My dolls were the best dressed, most stylish dolls in the world… well, in my world anyway.

This later developed into designing and making my own clothes or modifying the clothes I bought. I bought my first wedding dress for £80 from Pronuptia, it was an off the shoulder dress. I removed one of the sleeves and transformed it into a one shoulder dress. I sewed on feathers, pearls and diamanté. Wow, was it spectacular, especially the plume I put on my head dress. I loved it, it was my own creation.

Even when I was very little, I couldn’t stop sketching. I started with just a pencil, later I developed a love for sketching in charcoal and pastel. I’d spend hours sketching pictures of my dog and of nature, focusing on what I was putting on the paper. My most impressive piece of art was of Bob Marley when I was 18. I loved his spirit.

So, what are you doing now to nurture your spirit?

My spirit nurturing now comes from getting out in nature either by myself or with the company of my beautiful man, my children or my grandchildren. My favourite place in nature is called the Bosley Cloud, just a mile away from my hometown. I always go to the peak of the cloud and empower myself the freedom to wail if I am upset about anything. When I am on top of Cloud Mountain (that is what my Granddaughter calls it) it feels as if I am conversing with Mother Earth. It’s as if she holds me in her arms like a little girl and allows me to cry.

Two major ley lines kiss on the top of Cloud Mountain, they are the two ley lines of the Spine of Albion, Ellen the female serpent ley line, and Belinus the male ley line. If you take your divining rods up to the top of the cloud you will be able to find the two ley lines and discover the kissing point where they cross. I love to sit and dream on this kissing point, to find balance and harmony, blending the feminine goddess energy of Ellen with the masculine warrior energy of Belinus.

As my soul nature element is metal, I am nourished and nurtured by earth. On the backbone of Cloud Mountain there are some Neolithic megaliths, called The Bridestones. In ancient times the Bridestones was a large stone circle, larger than Stonehenge, sadly only a few stones remain. I come here and lie down on one of the rocks. I simply wait, listen and enjoy.

Between the years of 1995 and 2010 we had four dogs: Molly, Simba, Titch and Tiny. Molly was an Old English Sheep dog, I called Simba a Pharaoh dog as she had such big ears, she was an Alsatian cross, Tiny was a white miniature shaggy poodle and Titch a black miniature poodle. For those blissful fifteen years I was running in nature with my little tribe.

Nature is my biggest contentment and happiness bringer, so much so that I chose my house because it had a blue bell wood, ancient forest, silver birch woodland and meadows to nurture my spirit into my mature years.

When you are able to nurture your spirit and understand your connection with something bigger than yourself, you are able to align and find balance within. Everyday events take us out of balance and only when we are able to nurture our spirit frequently are, we able to be at one with the world and live in the moment.

Be adventurous. Try new things. Try things that challenge you.

Healing back pain in just 5 minutes: A few years ago, I developed a serious lower back pain. It hurt so much that even the simplest of tasks such as cleaning my teeth were agonising. I met a gentleman called Chris Payne at a networking event. I mentioned about my pain as his surname prompted me. He told me about a healing disc that would heal my back. Rubbish I thought at first, how could a disc cure me? But then I reminded myself to open my mind to new ideas and researched this disc.

It was called the Empower Disc, to me it looked like a computer healing programme. I called and made an appointment with Russell Treasure to tell me more about the disc, he came to meet Lionel and I in the barn at Blissland.

He sat down and explained about the Empower Disc. It sounded just too good to be true. So, of course, I gave it a go. Lionel videoed me while I was experiencing the healing. Russell gave me a small purple aluminium disc to hold in my both of my hands. He said look at the disc, feel it and connect with it. I followed his instructions and began to rock backwards and forwards. He then asked me to put the disc in my right hand loosely, and to be very conscious and aware of the pain in my back.

He asked me to say: “Give me what I need and remove the pain and the source of the pain in my back at the fastest possible speed starting now … Go.” Well, what happened after that simply shocked and amazed Lionel and I. I started to sway and gyrate my hips. I went up and down on my tip toes. I danced and swirled about, up and down. Then it all stopped around five minutes later. Russell asked me if the pain was still there. Guess what? The pain had gone, and it never came back.

We were intrigued and bought a disc. Lionel and I attended several courses with the incredible creator of the Empower Disc, Coby Zvikler to utilise the disc to its full potential. What an amazing discovery.

Whatever the reasoning behind the power of the disc or the suggestion of the healing, the fact is that if I hadn’t been open to trying new things, alternative things or looking at things with an open mind, I may well have suffered for much longer or gone through a much more complicated and expensive procedure to arrive at the same healing.

We are firm believers in there being many alternative healings for all sorts of health issues, and that most ill health is a consequence of what we eat and the environment we are in.

We always refer to our alternative health bible called Alternative Cures by Bill Gottlieb at the first symptom of any ailment.

By being open to all things and trying different ways of achieving results, you allow the adventurous child in you to be healed too.

Past Life Regression

Sounds scary. It is, or it can be. I went to a retreat called Kamalaya in Thailand in 2011 with my two daughters for a wonderful detox. The retreat had incredibly powerful visiting practitioners.

Mark Beal was the name of the past life regression therapist. I was intrigued so I booked on. Mark started the process by taking me to a trance like state. Lying down on my back I was transported in my dream that seemed like reality. I was an Amazonian healer who lived in the mountains in South America. I lived on the top of the mountain with a group of healers. We were outcasts of the village lower down the mountain. I heard voices and noise coming from down the mountain side. Fires started to burn on top of our mountain. A warrior from the village speared me with a wooden spear through my heart. As I was dying and burning in the fire, I saw someone kill the warrior who killed me.

I was covered with sweat and screaming out loud in the room with Mark. It was as if I had been killed, I experienced it all so explicitly. During the session Mark revealed to me that my younger daughter in this life, was the elder wise woman in the village below. The warrior who killed me was my ex-husband and my fellow healer who killed him was my oldest daughter. Well I kept this quiet for many years as it was so unbelievable.
I went back to three other past lives too during my time there. The second time I was entwined in white light. Myself and another ethereal being experiencing pure bliss. The third time I was an Indian princess who had fallen in love with a poor boy and secretly seeing him against my mum and dad, the king’s and queen’s wishes.
The fourth time I was a wayward woman with large breasts in the middle ages. Wow! what a wicked experience – she was living a wildlife!

I can now relate to all my past life experiences in this life. And each one has touched me and taught me lessons which bring more clarity to this life.

Nourish Your Spirit.
Retreat from your everyday life and treat yourself. Yep, I have done this many times and still do.

Kamalaya in Koh Samui was a special one, it was built around a monk’s cave. Every tree and rock were preserved in the construction. Whilst I was there, I was fascinated by the Monks’ Cave. I took solace there every day and would light a candle and incense and just sit alone, retreating from the world into Mother Earth.
I found it so peaceful and nurturing. The energy in there was so special.

Another retreat my two daughters and I went to was the Ubud Sari in Bali. Here we followed a juice fast programme. We did yoga and meditation every day and participated in many massages and colonic cleanses.
Wow, we found them all so nourishing for our mind, body and soul.

Unconditional Loving Relationship.

The best nurturing of my spirit is my love affair with my twin flame, soulmate, lover and best friend Lionel. My forever-man. The days and nights we spend alone together send me to heavenly bliss.

We have no expectations of each other, there is a freedom between us that also bonds us in the most beautiful conscious tantric way.

When we are together and connected, I feel a sense of bliss. Every moment we are together I look at him and cannot believe how this beautiful human being has fallen in love with me.

The way he dresses, especially in his yoga gear, bright orange and turquoise linen. All the clothes he wears he buys them for their eco friendliness and their tactility. So, he feels beautiful too.

His words are so generous and kind to all.

His silence is golden beams of light shining from his heart.

He is a very special man.

If you have a partner, take the time in your life to write down in the space here all the beauty you see in him or her. Use it as a meditation, or message of thanks or appreciation to indirectly receive more blessings. Add to it on additional pages if you can: