How to Live in a Healthy Home

The first thing that my Feng Shui teacher Robert Gray taught me was that you first deal with any energy that is life threatening.

The first thing that my Feng Shui teacher Robert Gray taught me was that you first deal with any energy that is life threatening. He said that Feng Shui does not cost much, the most important thing you need to do is remove unwanted energies. His top tips were:

  1. Remove geopathic stress
  2. Remove any EMF electromagnetic Radiation and Wi Fi Microwave Radiation
  3. Remove clutter
  4. Remove negative energy & How to clear negative energy from your home.

In this section we introduce you to the invisible hazards that could be lurking in your home. For a full survey it is important you bring in a professional Healthy Home consultant to deal with these energies and support you, particularly if members of your family become seriously ill.

1. Remove geopathic stress

Geo means earth and pathos means suffering or disease.
Some negative earth energies can cause detrimental effects to the immune system and human psyche. Geopathic Stress can rise-up through any buildings including homes, schools, offices and workplaces, causing the occupants to lose physical strength, energy, emotional stability and happiness. It can also cause serious long-term illnesses.

If we are sleeping, living or working in such a space, we can feel tired, have headaches or feel uneasy.
People living in travelling communities rarely get cancer as they keep moving all the time.

Research in Germany and France on animals has proved that dogs, horses and many other animals can suffer, but cats, ants and wasps thrive in Geopathically Stressed space. Some plants, for example ivy, will thrive whereas others suffer – but all humans can suffer.

How serious is it for our health & wellbeing?
Much research has been done that links the presence of Geopathic Stress to many health problems, some as serious as life threatening cancer. Geopathic Stress can also lead to any of the following:

  • Sleepless nights
  • Learning disabilities in children
  • Childhood leukaemia
  • Chronic serious illnesses such as ME., multiple sclerosis, meningitis, asthma, heart and circulatory problems and rheumatism
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Depressive illnesses and other nervous conditions
  • S.I.D.S (Sudden infant death syndrome or cot death)
  • ‘Sick Building’ Syndrome

Geopathic Stress can also affect you by resulting in feelings of exhaustion, nervousness, loss of appetite, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs and chronic fatigue on waking.

Sources of geopathic stress
1. Earth’s magnetic field – fusion and movement of different rocks.
2. Natural disturbance – underground water sources and rivers.
3. Man-made disturbance – mines, fracking, sewers, water pipes, building foundations etc.

A Healthy Home Consultation deals with the energy of space and hence it is vital to detect such energies during the survey. A Healthy Home Consultant will use divining rods to detect any Geopathic Stress and can recommend the correction in your affected space for your health and wellbeing.

2. Remove EMF Electromagnetic Radiation and Wi Fi Microwave Radiation.

Electromagnetic fields, known as EMFs, are fields of electricity measured in nanoteslas. They invisibly surround us in exterior environments through power lines, electrical sub-stations, radio transmitters, mobile phone masts and railway lines etc.

The European (EU) Parliament and many European governments have been warning citizens about the adverse health effects of electromagnetic and microwave radiation for several years. The Health Protection Agency uses an out-dated safety standard, established 15 years ago, to deny these adverse health effects. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently declared microwave radiation to be a class 2b carcinogen (this officially means that it might cause cancer). To boost your immune system and to protect the health of yourself and your family (especially children), please take precautions.

Inside our homes, businesses and most buildings, electromagnetic fields surround us as they are emitted from electrical appliances such as computers, printers, microwaves, mobile phones and even wall sockets. This often occurs even when the appliances are not in use.

At a biological level, our bodies communicate chemically and electrically between different cells. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to EMFs compromises the immune system by interfering with healthy cell-to-cell communication. They also affect the body’s ability to produce essential enzymes and hormones to prevent serious illnesses and over time this can prove detrimental to our health and wellbeing.

Certain health problems have been consistently associated with EMFs in numerous studies performed internationally. Some findings show the incidence of leukaemia to be four times greater where a child’s bed is situated in a space with an EMF of 20 volts per metre. Similarly, for adults, incidents of M.E. were found to be three times greater where EMFs of 20 volts per metre or above were measured in sleeping areas.

Safe levels and useful tips for reducing the exposure to EMF:

Normal/acceptable level                Type of Field                High/unacceptable level
Under 5 Volts per metre                 Electrical                     10+ (not good) 20 + (bad)
Under 0.05 nanotesla                    Magnetic                     0.2


  • Ensure all family members are sitting as far away from large electrical items as possible.
  • Ensure your PC is fitted with a low radiation monitor and sit at least 1 metre away from the monitor with your legs well away from the cables.
  • Minimise use of mobile phones or DECT phones (the ones with wireless handsets that charge on a base unit)
  • Sit at least 2 to 3 metres away from TV screens depending on the screen size and place an amethyst crystal on it to absorb the radiation.
  • Route broadband through your electrical circuit by installing dLAN Devolo adapters to use all around your house with laptops and PCs. Do not use Wi-Fi.

To boost your immune system and to protect the health of yourself and your family (especially children), please take precautions: – REPLACE: REDUCE: REPOSITION


  • Replace DECT cordless phones with wired phones (landlines). DECT cordless phone base emits microwave all day long, whether there are calls or not.
  • Replace Wi-Fi network with wired computer network: Just get a cable for connection. Even laptop computers can be connected to the internet with cables. Radio-frequency signals are always the strongest if broadcasted from inside your own home, so removing your Wi-Fi router helps even if you cannot avoid your neighbours’ Wi-Fi coverage. You can also print out this information and pass to your neighbours, to share the information with them.
  • Replace microwave oven with oven, toaster oven or stove top for cooking – the food tastes better, too!


  •  Limit mobile phone use to essential calls and keep calls short. Text messages instead of calls whenever possible. Wired landline for long-chats that are not urgent.
  • Set mobile phone at “aeroplane” mode when you don’t need it, to suspend connection and radiation temporarily.
  •  If it’s not possible to hardwire computers because of physical limitations at the location, and dLan is not possible either, then turn on Wi-Fi only when you need to use it and turn it off especially overnight. Some have found it helpful to use an adapter with timer to turn on/off Wi-Fi router automatically at pre-set hours. Note that while Wi-Fi is on, each router continuously broadcasts 2.4 billion cycles of microwave per second into its surroundings. This frequency penetrates walls and human bodies.
  • Say NO to “Smart Meters” which emit microwave at every house in the entire area.


  • Wireless devices (mobile phones, smart phones, iTouch, iPads, Wi-Fi-enabled laptops etc.) emit the highest amount of radiation during talk-time or data transmission. Therefore, keep devices on the table or holder rather than on your lap or in your hands, and away from the head, while in communication. Talk with air-tube, speakerphone or wired headset.
  • If you use blue-tooth while talking and keep the phone in your pocket at the same time, you’ll get maximum absorption of the radiation at your head and your body.
  • Carry mobile phones in handbags or brief cases instead of in pockets against your body: Microwave radiation causes infertility and, for pregnant women, affects the brain development of the foetus.
  • Keep mobile phones and Wi-Fi-enabled devices away from children and babies.
  • Do not position a Wi-Fi router or cordless phone base close to your brain, e.g. at bedside table or at your desk near head level.
  • When you sleep, don’t place a mobile phone or radio alarm clock at bedside. Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Avoid using digital baby monitors. If it’s absolutely required, then avoid placing the units near the bedside or against the body of you or your baby. Position it at the other side of the room.

Please Please Please take action and boost your immune system and to protect the health of yourself and your family (especially children), please take precautions.
I would like to thank our Toxin Free Communities team for inspiring me to share this information in our book. Lionel and I live in a Toxin Free House, we do not have Wi Fi – our internet is streamed through our electricity cables. We do not have SMART meters etc. I sincerely hope you take action and Replace, Reduce and Reposition.
Radiation really does play havoc with your immune system so keep it strong and take action to protect your health and the health of your family (especially children).

 3. How to Clear Your Clutter

Free yourself of clutter and remove negativity from your home.
Clutter can be actual physical collection of things you do not use or love, things that are untidy and disorganised, too many things in a small place or an unfinished problem or an item. Clutter can also exist in our subconscious and in our mind. It represents the energy, which is stuck in our inner and outer worlds that prevents us from moving on in life. Clutter is the biggest enemy or obstruction to creating good Feng Shui in any environment.

You find physical clutter everywhere in any room of your home. In cupboards, the loft, the garage and even the shed. We find it in hallways, passages, under beds, on top of wardrobes, in handbag pockets, in the car, the office, the fridge and even in the food cupboards.

Clutter around you makes you feel tired. Clear your clutter to feel lighter in body, mind and spirit. Your home is a mirrored reflection of your lifestyle and each area of your home is connected to a different aspect of your life. The area in which the clutter gets collected can adversely affect that area of your life.

 Tips for clearing the clutter:

  • Start small. If you have a lot of clutter, tackle one shelf of your cupboard at a time and give yourself a treat when you have done it!
  • Ensure that others in your home take responsibility to clear their own clutter rather than you doing it for them.
  • Change old habits – stop keeping things ‘in case they come in useful’.
  • Ensure that you have a ‘home’ for every single item in your house – if this is the case then it is impossible to have clutter.
  • If something is broken, fix it-or throw it out. Your energy levels drop when you are surrounded by things that do not work properly.
  • Clear your wardrobe. We normally wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. Give away the ones you do not need and buy only the clothes you absolutely love. When you look god, you feel good and your life works better,
  • Clear the clutter from corridors and behind the doors. Your life will proceed more smoothly when the energy flows unobstructed around your space.
  • Clear your desk in the study. Mountains of paperwork can defeat you even before you start. A clear desk means clarity of thought, more creativity and better satisfaction.
  • Bring yourself up to date. Watch your energy levels soar when you write your pending letters and make the outstanding calls.
  • Finally, clear your clutter before implementing Feng Shui cures and enhancements such a crystals, mirrors, plants or anything, otherwise you may double your problems rather than solve them!

Remember…everything grows except the size of our home. So, when you buy something new, discard something old to avoid clutter.

Remove all items that represent loneliness or singularity, all pictures of individuals or paintings that may project sorrow or isolation, whether directly or inferred through specific times or the events of buying them.

Remove the items may cause anxiety and further suffering as you cling on to images of previous memory patterns – so be prepared, it can stir up many emotions.

Replace emptiness with images of love, union, togetherness and connectedness. This alone will instil your subconscious mind with joy. We need a positive attitude in everything we do simply, so we don’t miss the opportunity of meeting the right person who will be our equal.

4. Remove Negative Energy
How to clear your home of negative energy.

It is energy ‘left’ by visitors or previous owners of your home that you may not want to be permanent within your living space. It is particularly beneficial to remove negative predecessor energy in the following instances:

  • After moving into a new or different house
  • After a serious illness in the home and/or to promote healing
  • After a relationship break-up, divorce or serious argument
  • When you have had a lot of visitors (especially unwanted ones!)
  • If you feel ‘stuck’ in your life
  • When you want to make a new start

An analogy that is a useful way to think about when you move into a new or different house without removing the negative predecessor energy is ‘like putting a new bunch of flowers into dirty vase water’ i.e. you are moving into someone else’s old energy vibrations.

Please go to Step 2 Chapter 8 for more information.

How to clear your home of negative energy
My year-long Feng Shui Practitioner training inspired me and immersed me in each area we’d had a taste of during the foundation weekend. I completed the full training course in Buxton, the most gorgeous spa town, where I loved to drink from the fresh springs every day, this natural water was so incredibly refreshing.

I finished the course in the year 2000. At this time, I was still running my Environmental Transformation Company. I used what I had learned within my home and within my business. Oh, wow was I excited to do this, it worked so well, the positive results I achieved were a testimony to the power of Feng Shui.

In 2003 I went to Bali to study the principles of Clutter Clearing and Space Clearing. Oh, la la, that was so enlightening. Some of the things I experienced were ‘out of this world.’ I studied with a lady called Karen Kingston. Here are a few of the things that surprised me:

  1. Karen said, “All of the attendees on this Clutter Clearing course will find that your close family back home will be clutter clearing while you are here”, it was like we had a telepathic connection with the family back home.
  2. On the Space Clearing ‘Energy Sensing’ course Karen taught us how to sense colours with our hands. Many of us found the ability to tune in completely and identified the correct colours 10 out of 10 times.
  3. Karen trained us how to sensitise our hands to feel energies in rooms, to feel stuck energies in corners and to feel electricity cables in walls and plugs etc. This was such an awakening.
  4. Karen introduced us to our aura, and we assessed the size of one another’s auras too. It was fascinating. She enlightened us to the effect a mobile phone has on our auras. How they can negatively affect us was a real shock to me.

Karen organised a purification ceremony for us with a Balinese priest. We all gathered in a room for the ceremony to take place. One by one we went up to meet him and one by one he scanned our bodies with his third eye and could tell us what ailments and issues we had in our body. I was astounded at his accuracy. He found where everyone had previously broken bones, where their aches and pains were. One lady with Fibromyalgia was cured in a few moments after some deep acupressure massage on her neck. This lady had been exhausted throughout our course but the following days after the ceremony she was full of vitality.

One joyous day Karen took us to a Balinese temple, high up in the mountains called Batukaru to experience a Blessing Ceremony where we would be blessed by the priests. She explained the Balinese Ritual of Blessings. I felt very different after I had been blessed. I felt pure, enlightened and at peace. It was as if I could feel the sacred energy of the temple, it was so beautiful.

I have shared my learnings with Lionel, and every year on the 5th February we perform the ritual outlined next.

Remove Negative Energy and Refresh your home by Atmospheric cleansing
What is it? Atmospheric cleansing is a method of cleansing any space of old, harmful or stagnant energy and then re-infusing the space with new, fresh energies to revitalise living spaces. It also removes any energy ‘left’ by visitors or previous owners of your home that you may not want to be permanent within your living space. It is not connected with any specific religion or belief. Space clearing as its also known, has been undertaken in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and even cars!

Why cleanse your home? It revitalises and raises the energy in the space and in doing so raises the quality of your life. Feedback from those who have had their homes spaced cleared frequently say that they have a sense of oneness with their home and feel peaceful, radiant, happy and safe after it has been cleared.

It is particularly beneficial to space clear in the following instances:

  • After moving into a new or different house
  • After a serious illness in the home and /or to promote healing
  • After a relationship break-up, divorce or serious argument
  • When you have had a lot of visitors (especially unwanted ones!)
  • If you feel ‘stuck’ in your life
  • When you want to make a new start
  • To ensure any residual harmful earth energy (Geopathic Stress) is cleared

An analogy that is a useful way to think when you move into a new or different house or office, without first having it space-cleared is ‘like putting a new bunch of flowers into dirty vase water.’ You are moving into someone else’s old energy vibrations.

Space clearing has three main stages:

  • Purification – removing the old energies.
  • Invocation – filling your home with your energy, your wishes and dreams.
  • Preservation – sealing in the positive energy.

People who work with acoustics are aware of how energy gets ‘trapped’ in corners. It is the same principal with energy in homes, it can be effectively ‘stored’ for years in walls and particularly corners.
Space clearing involves activity and use of intention. A combination of the physical (for example the writing of a wish list) and the metaphysical (for example a visualisation of positive nurturing energy filling the home).

A quick lesson in atmospheric clearing

What you need:

  1. A table to make your offerings for each room (make it pretty with beautiful cloths etc.)
  2. Sage or incense
  3. Bells, drums or rattles
  4. Balinese harmony balls, Kochi bells, gentle fine bells, shakers or rose quartz crystals
  5. Sacred spring water or inject your own water with love
  6. Saucers or side plates to make offerings. One for each room of your house.
  7. Tea lights for each plate
  8. Matches or lighter
  9. Flowers in season, or buy your favourite flowers to make offerings

Purification by Sound
Lionel and I always do three circuits of the internal perimeter of our home clearing, cleansing and harmonising the energy.

Circuit 1 – Clearing the Atmosphere with dried sage or incense
Circuit 2 – Cleansing the Atmosphere by clapping into every nook, cranny and corner
Circuit 3 – Harmonizing the Atmosphere with bells

Invocation by Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

We use the elements and perform ceremonies in each room of the house. Create your own offering to the spirits of the house and its space. We use side plates and put a tea light on them. We gather flowers and contributions from nature to make the offerings, this can be anything from flowers, pinecones to berries, whatever is in season, grabs your attention or is meaningful to you.

Assemble a table in what you feel is the power position of the house, where the whole house can feel its presence. Make your table beautiful. Adorn it with special items sacred to you. Maybe deities, crystals, pictures of your family or your lover.

Lay out all the offerings / plates you need. One for each room and a mistress or master offering/ plate to stay on the main table. Put a tea light on each plate. Create offerings by placing flowers on the plates and whatever you feel is relevant (take care not to put anything adjacent to the candle just in case it catches fire).

Light the mistress or master candle to commence your ceremony to bless the house with your love. When you light the candle, dream and visualise all the beauty, love, light, peace and happiness you want to feel in your house.

Now take your matches, and with each offering do the same in each room of your house. Ensure you put the plate down in a safe position preferably central to the room. Light the candle, dream and visualise all the beautiful things you want to happen in that room.

Repeat for every room.

Preservation by Intention, Light and Love

Your role is to put into the ether all your intentions, wishes and dreams of what you want to happen in your home and life and to fill your home with light and love.

We like to do a meditation to implant our dreams into Harmony Balls’ whilst holding them in our hands.

Circuit 4 – Injecting your wishes and dreams
We dance around the perimeters of our home ringing the Harmony Balls to implant our intentions firmly into each room and the whole house.

Circuit 5 – Purification of space

On the final circuit we sprinkle sacred spring water to purify our space.

Our last action is to gently scatter flower petals at each of the entrances, sprinkle sacred spring water over them and perform a special blessing for our future love and happiness.

We recommend you read Karen Kingston’s wonderful book ‘Creating Sacred Space’.

You can buy harmony balls on or Karen Kingston