How to find your soul tribe

Feng Shui Tribe
From 2011 I have had and still have the most beautiful soulful, spiritual connection with five gorgeous women with whom I studied Feng Shui. They are Olga, Natasha, Alkistis, Stella and Frederique.

Oh, how in alignment we are in our thinking and our belief systems. We allow each other to just be or come together to have ceremonies, healing, rituals and more. Bless their souls for crowning me a wise woman on my 60th birthday. Oh wow, the messages were profoundly moving and the ceremony magical.

These beautiful women are truly my soul tribe.

Soul Sister
During 2012 to 2014 I did a two-year One Spirit Interfaith Foundation Ministry Course and was ordained as a Reverend in my legal name. I thought I would have developed a spiritual soul tribe from all the people on a similar journey but the only person who I deeply felt a soul connection with is a person I introduced to the course, and that is my friend Deana Stone. She is another soul sister of mine.

During one of my retreats I connected with a lady called Delores, I could feel her spiritual and soulful beauty. Delores is a goddess in her own right. Some folk I meet on retreats eat meat, drink alcohol, they are not living consciously, and many of the people I met were burnt out yoga teachers – now that’s strange!

What I am saying here is that you need to develop a soul tribe that truly resonates with you. Take your time finding your soul tribe and once again go on adventures and on a voyage of discovery.

Let your vibe attract your tribe.

Women’s Circles
My daughter joined a women’s circle at the Yoga Barn on her last visit to Ubud, Bali. And when she knew I was going to Bali she said, ‘Oh mum you must go.’ I couldn’t wait!

Wow! 50 women in a circle or I should say 50 beautiful goddesses. A wonderful lady hosted the circle. The structure went like this:

1. The host opened the space and we invited our ancestors and other women in our lives, alive or in heaven, to join us in the circle.
2. The host gave us an overview of what will happen and set boundaries of time and communication.
3. The host gave us the subject for the circle.
4. We were given a piece of paper and a pen to scribble notes on the chosen subject and to write down how we felt about it.
5. We divined a card to guide us.
6. The host passed a talking stick around the circle and one by one each woman shared their story.
7. On finishing we had a short open circle and debate about the subject.
8. The circle was closed with a blessing and prayer and sincere gratitude.

As you can imagine the Yoga Barn in Ubud attracts very lean Yogic goddesses, mainly around the ages of 23 – 40. I was the eldest there.

The circle’s subject that night was breasts. That’s right, breasts. We were going to discuss our bodies.

Out of the 50 women present, there were only two of us who felt positive about and adored our own breasts. Most other women had issues; too small, too big, a complete lack of love and respect for their beautiful feminine selves. Unbelievable.

One big message for all you beautiful women out there reading this book is to massage your breasts every day: a key learning from the circle. As our breasts are so wrapped up in bras and yoga tops all day, they need to move to allow our lymph system to flow. We discussed, and also agreed on the importance of not wearing bras. To let our breasts, hang free and bounce so that the movement helps our lymphatic draining system flow better. Great advice – and it’s free to do!

And please, if you do wear bras, do not wear under-wired ones. In this electronic world the under-wire acts as a radio antenna and attracts electromagnetic waves from electrical equipment which affect our cells adjacent to these wires. So please, please choose alternative non-conductive bras to wear, and please buy natural fabrics too.

I asked my daughter what the subject was when she went to the Women’s circle and she explained ‘Orgasms’. Oh la la! I’m sorry I missed that one, it would have been very revealing.

Whilst out in Bali earlier in 2019 I attended two women’s circles at the Yoga Barn held at the River Dome adjacent to the flowing water. They were of a similar structure to the one I attended before, but these were hosted by a different lady called Nadine. The subjects were very different too.

The first circle subject was leadership. Most of the women spoke about how they were lost and wanted to find their true purpose and authentic self. I would say that 80% of the women in the circle had come to Bali to find themselves. Attractive, young and beautiful yet lost women, most with deep relationship issues. This was a real eye opener for me.

The second circle subject was grief. Once again, most women were grieving relationship break ups, grieving their childhood and upbringing, and wanting to move into a new life. Some women were also grieving how they always attracted abusive partners and needed to free themselves of this and find true unconditional love.

Women’s voices need to be heard
We need these safe women’s circles all over the world, they are a beautiful way of allowing women’s voices to be heard. All you need for a soulful authentic woman circle is a leader to set rules, boundaries, timings, structure, a subject to discuss and a beautiful sacred space for the event to be held in. It can be a very rewarding experience for everyone.

Lionel hosts a monthly men’s circle and has done for several years. Whilst I don’t get to hear much about what goes on, I imagine it to be very similar, giving men the opportunity to talk openly to each other. What I do hear about it, is the value the men get from it and the importance the men put on it for their own understanding of life.

Whilst in Bali, I kept visioning a big round wooden building where we live. I could see a Goddess temple to honour women. A place where many women circles can be held as well as so many more women related rituals. Yes, it will be open to men to come in and honour the goddess, goddesses of the season, goddesses in their own lives and light a candle for them on the main altar.

This is just one of the projects I will be working towards after completing and publishing this book. I’m so excited!

On the subject of women, I personally honour the Dalai Lama’s statement. “The World will be saved by the western woman.”

Oh, how I believe this statement. Just recently I’ve been dreaming of creating a community of women online and in person, where our voices can be heard, and we can share our projects and activities. A space where we can share what we are doing to empower women and children and how we are making a difference and creating a better world.

What is a better world? I’ll leave you to put your own interpretation on that.
I believe anything we can do to help the collective consciousness must be positive. Women are becoming more powerful in their own right. Many of us still need to realize it though and help bring about the changes needed.