How to divine with cards to discover inner happiness

I would say that this is one of my favourite pastimes and the inspiration for my life’s direction. I am specifically talking about Divination Cards sometimes referred to as Oracle Cards. They are a pack of cards with deep inspirational messages on. I think the first Divining Cards I ever purchased were Animal Spirit cards. Wow, did I get a lot of use out of these cards, they helped me make so many decisions in my life.

Whilst out in Bali in 2014 my deliciously creative soulmate Lionel wrote a set of Divination Cards. We were staying at the Ubud Village Hotel in Nyuh Kuning. It was a hotel where every bedroom had a mini outdoor swimming pool. So, we freed ourselves of clothes and spent most of the time naked whilst in our room and in our private garden area. Lionel’s creativity just flowed and produced 69 Divination Cards he called Love Wishes cards. Lionel wrote the beautiful messages and I designed them – we had a couple of sets printed and have used them so many times in our workshops and seminars. You can discover these for yourselves ( a digital version on

On the back of the cards I put the ‘manifestation ‘angel EROS together with Lionel’s message, and on the front just a simple image using cerise pink one of the colours found in the heart chakra. These cards are powerful, they reveal just what we need to focus on.


So, how do you divine with a card deck?

Dependent on which divination cards you are using please read the instructions and do as the author of the cards guides you, or you can do what we like to do and just go for it!

I put the card deck on my heart and ask for their guidance. I then shuffle them and ask a clear question, never a question needing a yes or no answer, always a question where you need guidance. You can ask anything, such as:


How can I become healthier/happier?
What do I need to find true love?
What do I need to discover my soulmate?


Be creative and very clear with your questions and repeat it over and over as you connect and shuffle the cards. When you feel satisfied your question is within the card deck – spread the cards out, with the message face down.

Either stand back and view the cards, scanning them until you see just one that attracts you. Or sensitise your hands by rubbing them together or blowing on them and then with the hand of your choice gently hover your palm over the pack of cards and move it across the cards slowly. You will find that some of the cards make your hand or fingers tingle.


If you feel numerous cards making your hand or fingers tingle remove them from the pack and lay them out next to each other away from the cards that you did not connect with. Continue this process until you find the one you have a strongest connection to. Do not allow yourself to be distracted, be present and turn over the strongest card to reveal your message. Read and absorb the message. Remember to enjoy this feeling too.


To me this is a way to gain direct messages from the Divine source of love, helping us on our journey in life.
Bless all the authors of Divination Cards for bringing such guidance and beauty into our lives.

I now have around 50 packs of various cards and my current favourite are by a lady called Alana Fairchild. She has channelled numerous decks of cards and aligns them with the most talented artists to beautifully illustrate the card’s messages. My favourites are:

Kuan Yin in Oracle
Sacred Rebel Oracle
Light Workers Oracle

I also love the cards with a connection to healing. In the healing process Alana asks you to close your eyes as she takes you through a visualisation process followed by a prayer. This can be tricky to do when you are reading the message so, I record the reading on my phone and play it back numerous times to help the healing connect to my mind, body and soul.


My first card experience with the Animal Spirit oracle was profound. I was staying with my friends Olga and Natasha and we decided to ask the Animal Spirit Cards collectively what we needed to nourish our lives and move on to a life of health, happiness and bliss. We took turns to shuffle the cards and as we did, we injected our energy and question into the cards.

We all chose one card individually and did not look at them. We placed our individual cards face down in the centre. Using only our hands we sensed which card from the three was for us all and we all chose the same one. The Porcupine ‘Free Yourself ‘. This has been the most profound card of my life.


‘Free Yourself of Innocence. Free Yourself of Guilt and Shame. See the world through the eyes of a child, trusting your inner mother and father to be there whenever you need them. Protection is available when you need it, so you can feel safe in expressing yourself in all the different ways you’ve always wanted to. There’s boldness in innocence, and there’s no more need to hide behind any childhood guilt about perceived misdeeds or be consumed with shame about revealing your true self. You’re a gentle soul and have never intentionally harmed anyone. Release any guilt over your behaviour or shame about yourself in this situation. There’s no need to feel resentful, victimised, or arrogant toward anyone else either. Be the child of God that you are. In your heart, live in the garden. Others may cause you to prickle, but truly, most of what they do or say to you is harmless and not a threat. So be joyful and grateful and let everything you do be done with complete abandon. Dance, laugh, sing, and be free again, just like you were on the day you were born.’