How to connect with nature

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of you spending time in nature, consciously connecting. Go for walks, notice the seasons, what is happening all around you. Notice the activity in nature, the circles of life, the abundance of life, the natural flow of life.

I believe it is important to find your nature, your soul’s nature as this will be one of five elements in your soul and this will determine what makes your soul sing. What element in nature really nourishes and nurtures your soul? For me, I’m a six-metal soul so I am nourished by earth. I love mountains, stone circles, rock outcrops and sandy beaches where I can run barefoot.

It is important for me to ground myself regularly on the earth. The elements here are the same as Chinese medicine elements and the elements used in ancient Tibet, and of course the wonderful eastern art of Feng Shui.


I suggest you discover your Soul Tribe as I’ve talked about earlier in the website to discover your soul purpose number. This will reveal your specific soul nature, your soul’s element enabling you to find out what nurtures your soul or spirit.

Your soul element is one of five elements:

Water (1) nurtures – Wood (3,4)

Wood (3,4) nurtures – Fire (9)

Fire (9) nurtures – Earth (2,5.8)

Earth (2,5,8) Nurtures – Metal (6,7)

Metal (6,7) nurtures – Water (1)

And the cycle continues…


Once you know your soul tribe, you can find your soul’s element and you will know what type of natural environment soothes and nurtures your soul.


1 = Water. Being close to rivers, lakes and the ocean.
3 or 4 = Wood. Being in woodlands, forests and jungles.
9 = Fire. Being in hot tropical, sunny climates.
2,5 or 8 = Earth. Being barefoot on the beach or walking up mountains, visiting stone circles etc.
6 or 7 = Metal. Similar to earth as earth nurtures metal. You will also love round shapes: round buildings, big silver balls and round objects as they nurture your soul too.


Find your favourite place in nature and ensure you visit it regularly.