Home Harmony Survey

We are in a constantly changing environment affected by invisible energy forces prevalent in all the places where we live and work.

These forces affect our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Feng Shui enables us to create environments suitable for intended activity by identifying the inherent imbalances and adjusting them with various tools of wisdom for the benefit and transformation of individuals to enhance the quality of our lives.

Wind And Water

The direct translation of ‘Feng Shui’ (pronounced Fung Schway) is ‘wind and water’, the two elements of nature that shape our very existence.

Feng Shui can be defined as the practice of analysing and influencing the interaction of people, buildings, and the environment – and to make the necessary corrections in order to be able to lead a more successful life.

Ancient Origins

Originating in ancient China, its basis is the understanding of vital energy force called ‘Chi.’ It has been used in Asia for over 5000 years and has been parallel in many ways to Indian Vastu Shastra. It is a body of knowledge which links our inner self to our outer environment.

It has been called ‘acupuncture of space’ and has now been widely accepted by architects and interior designers in most countries.

Healthy Home Survey

Get a personal survey on your home with a one day consultation in your house with one of our Approved Specialist Consultants. Using modern equipment and knowledge of the invisible hazards that surround us all every day, our consultants will guide you and your family to live without the perilous dangers that lurk in the 21st Century Technology and the Toxins that are in the products we use on a daily basis.

Within the survey will be a Geomancy Testing and clearing of any negative earth energies. You will receive a written report which will outline the steps you need to take. Simply fill in the following form to send an instruction to us so we may arrange for your consultation.