Our gatherings are created around an Ancient Celtic Sacred Well and the accumulated energy from centuries of prayer, ceremonies and rituals which create a powerful meditative magic to the landscape.

You can join ceremonies and rituals for a deeper experience. You can explore a variety of meditation styles to either develop a regular practice or to deepen your existing practice.

Experience this in person.

Get involved at one of our ceremonies, come along to one of our events!

Our Tribe Gatherings provide opportunities to socialise and participate in activities, meditations and fire ceremonies that will leave you feeling grounded, rejuvenated, loved and present. Experience the energy that happens when people gather to create, love, dance, laugh, cry, or just be.

Connect within “Tribe Circles”

Tribe Circles are “safe spaces” where conversations flourish and nourish the soul. Permission is given to speak your authentic truth without criticism or judgment from anyone. You will only receive heartfelt acceptance and support from members.

Speak your truth

Tribe Circles provide you with a platform to be listened to by others; allowing you to claim your freedom of self-expression (especially when you feel like ranting). Here, you can gain the confidence to speak your truth and learn to celebrate and accept your own greatness.

We only request you allow yourself to receive support and contribution from other Tribe Circle members, if you can do that, you will create a flow of giving and receiving which you will find immensely liberating.

Discover your “Authentic Self”

Tribe Circles are for women (Yin Crowd) and men (Yang Gang), and meet monthly so you can start building trust and a bond with others. Here, you will learn to focus on ‘Your Authentic Self’ and how to clear areas you feel blocked. You can always rely on other Circle members to provide heartfelt support.

Focus topics include:

  • Self Love
  • Self Acceptance
  • Self Forgiveness
  • Self Care
  • Self Expression
  • Self Worth

Lead your own life into a place of self-worth and respect

Gain personal liberation with your Tribe’s shared fun activities and events. Learn to trust and be trusted and achieve goals to build your courage, confidence and social participation.

Your Tribe will help you to better understand and respect yourself for the amazing person that you already are, and help you to lead your own life into a place of confidence, freedom, and self-worth.