Conscious Coupling Circles

Find, feel, and see the value in your most intimate relationships.

Come together with other couples in a friendly, safe, discussion group. Learn from others how to get more from your life and build more love.

This regular free to attend group helps couples to align for a long-term relationship through the sharing of experiences and values, it brings love into the open and helps build fulfilment.

There is no compulsion to speak or offer any personal sharing, just by listening to those who want to give their individual learning you will enhance the power of your own connection.

Struggling communication between even the most deeply loving pair can be crippling to their emotional freedom, physical health, and spiritual joy.

Blissland brings together couples who can make lifelong friends which helps develop their own happiness and facilitates interesting real-life stories and enormous benefits to other couples.

Reignite the passion of your partnership or understand and realise what you need to work on as a couple, to take advantage of and build on what you already have rather than hurt each other’s feelings.

The happiness of your relationship will help develop your family in ways that will leave lasting impressions and encourage everyone you connect with wanting to imbibe the pleasure you will naturally share.

Join Dawn and Lionel to understand how simple changes in the way you think, act and speak can make massive differences in the degrees of quality, meaning and respect you have for one another.

Our Tribe Circles are “safe spaces” where conversations flourish and nourish the soul. Permission is given to speak your authentic truth without criticism or judgment from anyone. You will only receive heartfelt acceptance and support from members.