Cheryl Chapman - International Speaker
Diane Jones
Helen Downes
Kay Alan
Julie Gater
Wild and Wild Cafe - Chris Wild
Wright Angle Marketing - Judith Wright
Hay House Publishing - Michelle Pire

Video Testimonials


“Absolutely recommend the workshop to anyone who feels they want to move forward in life from those things that have held them back”



“A really fulfilling day. I feel such gratitude for being part of an experience that I wasn’t aware of”


“Exceeded my expectations. I’ve come away feeling much more courageous about moving forward in my life, and letting go of some old fears and trusting things will work out for me.”


“I’m going away with a really clear picture. I know that if I let go and just trust.”


“Really enlightened and enriched the way I see things now. It’s been very ‘ME centred’ but shared with a fantastic group of people. Very much a radiant experience”


“Really empowering. Dawn and Lionel are wonderful hosts and leaders. More than I expected and I’m taking so much away. I’m very grateful”