by | Aug 19, 2020

Excuses – The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself. ~ Henry Ward Beecher.

We can all make excuses for not doing something or for getting something wrong. They don’t sit well with most people and its usually better just to admit a mistake and apologize. Several excuses become even less convincing especially when someone talks like a victim. We’re all our own worst enemies and the excuses we make to ourselves show a lack of resistance. Whether your trying to give up drugs, smoking, or eating too much, without real determination you won’t succeed.

The simple fact is that if you were to want something enough, that is physically possible, nothing would stop you. With passion and purpose in your life you have the power to achieve without resorting to blame or guilt. Excuses stop you from growing or moving on, they hold you back. People always seem to be looking for a reason not to do something. When you reflect on your life, will you be proud of what you have done and what you leave behind? www.lastwishes.world

Stop accepting your own excuses for not doing what you thought you wanted. At least admit to yourself that your emotions are struggling. This has been a common theme recently, people simply not allowing or conceding to their own mental state.The rise of mental health and relationship issues is no doubt a knock-on effect of the lock-down situation. Only those who were able to be content with themselves and or their partners have survived unscathed. Everyone has felt the impact somehow.

Now is the time to be positive and ensure that we go forward congruently. Finding that burning desire to be a better version of yourself is a worthy task. However that may manifest, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, the future can always be better. People who fail to be happy are those who find lots of excuses why they missed out. Yet its never too late to realize your potential or recognize the things you really want. Establishing the vision for the future starts before determining which path to take.

We’re great believers in being able to see a goal, whether that’s a dream board or a clear mental image. You can’t plan to go anywhere if you don’t know where you want to go. As more marriages fall by the wayside, we see clearly that people are only as troubled as the relationship they’re in. You need to become the right partner before you can find the right person to partner with. All the advice in the world won’t help unless you are willing to stop making excuses and face facts. www.lionelpalatine.com

Finding reasons for our weaknesses only makes us weaker unless we intend to change. The ability to change the way we want means we have to stop making excuses for ourselves or others. When we can stop looking for excuses and start taking action, we can begin to see the possibility of achievement. Sometimes the excuse itself gets in the way and as soon as it’s removed the desire itself suddenly becomes a reality without doing anything.  We know because it’s happened to us.

Namaste. Om Shanti. In Peace.



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