Love and Compassion

by | Jul 22, 2020

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. ~ Dalai Lama.

We all need to give and receive love and compassion to some degree. Without a heartfelt connection life would be very lonely and sadly lacking. A dear friend lost their spouse last year and talks to her photograph every night. He thought it embarrassing that he should do this. Why would anyone expect him to do anything else after many years of marriage? A happy and contented relationship is not easy to acquire. The grief of losing a partner can last the rest of your life. There can be no greater blessing than to know real love and compassion.

We feel it easily for our children who need it to survive. We know it can be fleeting and difficult to maintain in adult relationships. However, what else could be worth the effort of finding the route to fulfillment? There is no reason to love anyone other than the need to give and receive love and compassion. Understanding what love is and how you attract it into your life misleads a lot of people. A new book popped into our repertoire recently. It explains the ‘science of adult attraction’ and should make interesting reading.

Few people seem to have a complete comprehension of what love and compassion truly is. Whilst we can feel it more powerfully than anything it’s difficult to explain. We’ve seen and heard relationship gurus struggle to give an intelligible meaning to it. Yet from an early age everyone seems to know how feelings for another can overwhelm us. Your emotions, thinking and actions can be confused by it or empowered with it. To find love and enhance your life by it, is one of the biggest goals many seek, and yet relatively few ever experience.

Many seem to go wrong at the first step by not having a clear knowledge of their hearts desires. So many people are attracted by a physical energy that whilst exciting, can also be very misleading. We often ask singles what they want from a partner only to get a garbled answer that awaits fate. Like any journey, love and compassion needs to know where we are and where we want to be, long before it establishes the path. The rise of internet dating should, in more recent months, have led to internet connection without physical dating.

Singles, particularly men, have reported to us that they would not entertain an internet only relationship. The past few months have actually given people the opportunity to find love without the physical pressure. Admittedly the physical pleasure is also missing, but they could now be making up for lost time as Covid measures are eased. Real love and compassion can be quantified through technology without any sexual requirement that can often mislead relationships. The physical ecstasy can also be heightened by having to wait.

It could even have become a good test of someone’s patience and devotion should they have had any doubts over sincerity. Surprising then, that we’ve not heard of a single case of love connection during the whole Coronavirus craziness. We’d also thought, mistakenly, that we’d have an increase in people seeking love advice. The onus sadly, is very much on relationship breakdowns, as people have been seeing a hugely different side of life. The value of a truly loving relationship simply can’t ever be overemphasized.

Namaste. Om Shanti. In Peace.



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