by | Jun 23, 2020

Politics –

Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you! ~ Pericles (430  B.C.)

Politics can take many forms. It really means just working to a policy or a structure. Not that you would realize that by present circumstances. Many residents of the UK are understandably disturbed right now. Some await with bated breath as tomorrows election can make so much difference to so many. Overseas too, the interest in the outcome of the country’s decision effects masses of people. Yet, whilst we have already cast our vote by post like so many others, little that happens in Government will really have a bearing on any of us. It is only the decisions the politicians make that hurt or help us. Many big choices already seem to have been made without any politics interfering.

Maybe that’s the reason why we have so much turmoil. To keep people’s minds off the big issues that could have negative bearings on us all. The more we hear about the dangers of 5G technology the more concerned we become. Blissland wants to remain a stronghold of organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly communities. It really doesn’t want to join the new technological age. Seeing bamboo swaying in the wind would mean more to us than all the computer games in the world. Being at one with nature and enjoying the changing seasons becomes more valuable than all the politics. We all have our own beliefs, politics tries to persuade you that someone else representing you, can make your decisions for you.

Politics is big business, power and greed follow money, and that is a sad consequence of those who choose to leave creating structure to others. Systems are laid down by those in charge to regulate and stem the tide of the masses. Whilst many start with the best of intentions, few really seem to live by the rules they portray for others. There is a place for all types of thinking and yet there now seems very little space in general. The big issues seem the most important to tackle soonest. Climate change, health and education all seem to take a back seat to the petty politics of name calling and one upmanship. As we reach a certain age, we realize that we can do very little to change the energy of anyone or anything. People can only do change themselves however much they may be driven by politics. We all have something to offer, but its what we want in return that spoils the future.

Blissland’s politics stands on the health of nature xx.

Om Shanti



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