by | May 28, 2020

Reflection –
Mozart’s music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe. ~ Albert Einstein.
Christmas can be a season of reflection as well as family and party time. We can grow through the reflection of the year, and at these particular pertinent year changes through the reflection of the decade. As Christmas day fell on a Wednesday, we weren’t too bothered about getting our blog out on time on this occasion. Even though its easy to write it beforehand and schedule it. We’ve decided any business that emails us on Christmas day will be unsubscribed. One reflection for us is to unsubscribe many of the sales emails we get.
We also need to think about how to get our feelings over in our own writing rather than what might be seen as preaching. We pass on what we think we know far easier than what we really feel, coming from the heart can be inspiring. We hope the seasons festivities have been enjoyable for you. There are many both here and abroad, for whom special days are even harder to deal with than the ordinary days. We never want to forget all those who suffering however that may be caused.
As the New Year roles over we want to be a reflection of our community. Close to our heart is keeping Blissland toxic free and bringing an awareness of the dangers of radiation to the general public. We’ve started a monthly meeting to enlighten and extend the knowledge of the real possibilities of the damage being caused to the Earth. We’re doing what we can I our own small way, but it needs to be a movement that can change the way the majority think, or everyday life could be our downfall. We don’t want to preach; we want healthy grandchildren.
Simply because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that 5G will make life easier for us doesn’t mean its safe. When so many people work on treating the symptoms of Cancer, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at preventing it. It’s always better than cure to avert an illness occurring and when something consumes as many people and causes so much heartache, we need to rethink the policies. In the last month alone, we know of two people, who’s life has been extinguished by the ravages of these modern diseases that should be looked at differently.
The NHS is one of the best systems in the world. Over the last two months we’ve visited hospital patients’ numerous times. We can easily see how hard working and well-meaning all the staff are. No one should have to do work that is not necessary. Surely when illness can be prevented, we should endeavour to work towards ensuring it never takes hold. Its not the health service that’s at fault but the powers that control the money behind the big pharmacy companies that make millions off ill health. There are many traditional remedies that are now ignored in favour of over the counter pill popping.
We all like a quick fix to our problems but we need to have some reflection on why we cause ourselves difficulties in the first place. Overindulgence, particularly at this time of year is a big factor. Many of us eat, drink and party to excess, we’re our own worst enemies. We only have to look at the world news to see the plight of others. Of course it’s difficult to do anything practical, however we should take steps to try to do more next year and change the reflection in the mirror. The way we think makes such a difference, do we latch onto the thought’s others project (particularly marketing), or are we self thinking?
On reflection we can all do more, be more and help more. Whether we make our New Year resolution to do so is another matter. Giving up one thing to make us healthier or doing one activity to bring more energy is a good start. Being determined and valuing the simple things in life can bring about a massive change in awareness. Simply looking at what we have achieved in the previous week, month, year or decade can spur us into action. Do we want the future to be the same as the past? Or do we want to make a difference in the time we have left.
Come and visit Blissland if you need some reflection time xx.
Om Shanti


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